With five college football teams in the state, you would think there would be more than just two Big 5 matchups this season.

With Utah beating Utah State 20-12 to open 1998, the only other Big 5 pairing comes at the end of the regular season, when Utah hosts BYU.In response to last week's Deseret News online sports poll, participants overwhelming voted that the BYU-Utah State rivalry is the Big 5 matchup most missed this season.

Of the 456 total votes, 321 were cast for a BYU-USU battle. The possibility of Utah State meeting I-AA opponents Weber State or Southern Utah drew the least votes - a total of eight.

The other possibilities were relatively closely matched: BYU vs. Weber or SUU, 37 votes; SUU vs. Weber, 31 votes; Weber State vs. Utah State, 30 votes; and Utah vs. Weber or SUU, 21 votes.