Actions of deliberate exploitation and moral persecution, not short of political assassination, are overwhelming but not surprising to most Americans. The sordid details of any prominent leader's personal involvement in questionable behavior has great historical value. Unfortunately, it happens, it always has and always will. However, it now appears that Congress and the media support each other strongly in providing this world's children with a plethora of pornography in the guise of polished pleas for purity. This is the behavior that is abhorrent and humiliating to every American citizen. Congress should be apologizing to the world.

Without condoning his mistakes, I personally applaud President Clinton and his family for continuing to focus on the affairs of this nation and attempting to work through troubled family matters in private. Congress is losing more credibility in crying for impeachment while sinking our country deeper into political party battles. It makes me wonder if Congress is able to focus on the more critical issues facing America.Shelley Day

Salt Lake City