Our country is obviously tired of the Clinton affair, but perhaps we are confusing apathy with disgust. Some things are so wrong that we inherently turn away from them. However, depravity will become the norm if disgusted people don't speak out.

President Clinton is someone who allows his self-centered lusts to destroy his ability to be a great leader. He wants his liberty without any justice. What does this example teach our children?Is adultery merely "poor judgment"?

Is lying under oath justifiable?

Shouldn't an apology and a plan to make things right accompany an admission of wrongdoing?

When asked a question, should we tell an untruth, then blame the questioner for not being specific enough?

When did "everybody's doing it" become a valid excuse?

What does this say to our daughters? How much ogling, groping and propositioning should a girl be expected to tolerate in the workplace, especially from our commander-in-chief? Is it too much for us to expect him to obey the laws and be faithful to his commitments during his brief term in office?

As Clinton and his skillful team mastermind another public relations smoke screen to reframe history, we must continue to compare what he says to the enduring values and truth upon which this nation was founded.

Clinton's behavior cannot be justified, accepted or revered. If it continues to be ignored, it will spread. We must hold him accountable.

Julie Davies