How's this for a mother's little helper? A child-care center developed and operated by registered nurses serving children from two months to 11 years old has opened its doors in the Salt Lake Valley.

There's on-site health screenings and immunizations and soon, a "barely sick" unit where a child with the sniffles can receive a little TLC (and Mom and Dad don't have to miss a day of work).Meals are prepared under the guidance of a registered dietitian and after-school care is available.

There's monthly training for parents and a resource library to help guide them through potty training, temper tantrums and sibling rivalries.

For further peace of mind, there's 24-hour audio and video surveillance.

It sounds almost too good to be true.

Community Nursing Services, a private, nonprofit health care agency, has opened such a child-care center and preschool at 6949 S. High Tech Drive (181 West) in Midvale.

Center director Paula Campbell, a pediatric nurse for 14 years, said the center was borne from the crisis need for safe, nurturing child care in the Salt Lake Valley. Some child-care centers have waiting lists up to 100 children long.

CNS Child Care Center and Preschool has a capacity of 39 children. Fees range from $500 a month for infant care to $3 an hour for drop-in care. Care is offered Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The staff has developed age-appropriate curricula for each age level, including arts and crafts; science; language and reading; social science; math; music and dramatic play.

Shauna Lower, director of the nonprofit Child Care Resources and Referral, describes the new center as unique along the Wasatch Front.

"I think it's really a novel idea with all the service they will be providing," Lower said.