What is all the fuss about "getting tough" on polygamy? Why did President get repeated questions about polygamy on "Larry King Live?" Why is Gov. Mike Leavitt having to respond to polygamy questions over and over?

Polygamy is simply cohabitation without legal marriage. Census figures recently released show there are over 4 million cohabitating couples in the United States. Polygamists do not declare their marriages legal by the law of the land, they are not performed by legal authorities, and they are not registered as legal marriages. Their unions are between consenting adults who have made private commitments to each other.This is a free country and anyone can live anywhere they want and with whomever they choose. Polygamy laws are on record to appease opponents to statehood over 100 years ago, but they are not enforced because they are not enforceable.

Breaking the law in regards to domestic abuse, incest, welfare fraud and so on is a different issue. If anyone, cohabitating or not, breaks the law, they are accountable and should be dealth with accordingly.

Let's get real about polygamy and let's quit pretending we have to answer the questions. if 4 million couples are not being asked to defend their cohabitation, they polygamists should not be asked to defend theirs.

Sheryl Uluave