A woman who said she aborted a 4-month-old fetus after an erroneous lab test showed it was abnormal is suing a New York City hospital and the company that processed her amniocentesis test.

The test taken from Janet Sheikhan in 1996 reportedly showed she was carrying a female fetus with Edwards syndrome, a disease that causes mental retardation, disfiguration and sometimes early death.Sheikhan had an abortion after learning the results of the test, which was taken at Lenox Hill Hospital and processed by Genetrix, a genetic testing firm based in Yonkers.

A year after her abortion, pregnant again, Sheikhan was sitting in her obstetrician's office when she found the pathology report on her aborted fetus.

"I saw `Normal,' `Normal,' `Normal,' `Male.' My head just started spinning, and I didn't know what to say," she said.