I was shocked and disgusted to read that a convicted child molester, Lloyd Gerald Pond, is being paroled after less than two years. How would the Board of Pardons feel if it was a member's daughter who was molested? Personally I can't think of a crime more despicable than child molesting.

Unlike murder, which is typically a crime of emotional spontaneity, child molestation is committed with conniving scheming, solely to gratify the wanton greed of the perpetrator.It is reported that the board released him because of his "rehabilitative progress." If the board would simply look at the abundance of repeat offenders presently in their facility, members would see that sex offender treatment is rarely successful.

As a case in point, a Deseret News article just the following day reported that Robert Wayne Larsen, who completed 36 months of probation and therapy, pleaded guilty to repeated child abuse. Perhaps a change of staff on the parole board is in order.

Peter Ruplinger