Both the Tribune and the Deseret News have taken editorial stands in support of Alignment C (the most westerly) of the proposed Legacy West Davis Highway. Both condone a whimsical ignorance of the 1972 Clean Water Act to "protect" wetlands from development. The Legacy Highway campaign is making itself out to be the panacea for wetlands protection. And if you believe that one, there will be plenty more in store to justify a continuation of more highway construction to accommodate more cars.

Let's not fool ourselves with this sham. The highway will provide the incentive for continued expansion of growth. The highway will create a massive intrusion into prime wetlands along the eastern shores of the Great Salt Lake. And the highway will continue to create air quality problems we already encounter along the Wasatch Front.If we want to be adult and rational about protecting wetlands, then we should be honest with ourselves. We should let the Army Corps do its job, and we should be doing ours in planning for growth by implementing serious integration of transportation systems and land use planning. Using the Clean Water Act as a scapegoat is irresponsible and dangerous.

Lynn E. de Freitas

Salt Lake City