Help wanted: mayor for a small city on the western Utah border.

Part-time work. Includes running City Council meetings, looking at budgets and giving an occasional speech at civic functions.Send letter indicating interest to Wendover city offices.

Please . . . somebody?

It has been three weeks since the City Council formally accepted the resignation of Mayor Kent Peterson, but no one has applied for the appointment yet.

The council will accept applications through its Oct. 7 meeting, however, so there's still plenty of time for Wendover residents with a hankering for public office to put their names in the hopper.

Qualifications for the mayor's job are fairly minimal: Candidates must be 18 years old, residents of Wendover and reg-is-tered voters.

Current council members also are eligible to apply for the job.

The appointment will run through Dec. 31, 1999.

That means that if the new mayor wants to serve beyond that point, he or she would have to stand for election in the fall of 1999 and only serve for two more years before the next mayoral election rolls around in 2001.

The 1999 election will be necessary because state law precludes an appointee from serving for more than two years.

And since most mayoral seats in Utah automatically come up for re-election in the same year, Wendover residents will have to choose a mayor in the fall of 2001 to conform to the state cycle.

Peterson was elected last November, defeating former Mayor Deborah Morgan. He submitted his resignation to the council Sept. 2, citing ill health and personal difficulties that made it impossible to complete his term.

However, the council decided not to accept the resignation until its Sept. 9 meeting to allow the city more time to find a replacement. State law requires that council seats be filled within 30 days after they are officially vacated.