A Korean-American college president has been held in North Korea for two weeks for political reasons, South Korea's intelligence agency said Tuesday.

Kim Jin-kyong, 63, president of Yanbian Engineering College in China's northern Yanbian province, has not been allowed to leave North Korea since Sept. 16, the Agency for National Security Planning said.Kim, a South Korean-born U.S. citizen, has been active in recent years in promoting humanitarian and educational exchanges with North Korea. He set up Yanbian Engineering College in the late 1980s with South Korean donations.

Kim entered North Korea in early September, along with a Christian pastor from Seoul, for a 10-day stay. The pastor was allowed to leave at the end of the trip but Kim was not, the South Korean intelligence official said.

Local media said the two planned to discuss building a dental hospital in Pyongyang, the capital, and an engineering college in North Korea's free trade zone in Rajin-Sonbong.