A movie crew will be visiting Eureka, Goshen, Springville, Spanish Fork, Provo and Utah Lake in the next few weeks for the filming of "Made Men" for HBO.

The movie will star Jim Belushi and Timothy Dalton. Belushi plays a man who swindles a Chicago mobster out of $12 million, testifies against the mobster and is placed in a federal witness protection program. The man is sent off to a small, safe town. The mobsters, however, get tipped off as to his location and they come after him.The movie is full of special effects, including a car chase and crash and an explosion in a barn.

Fire chiefs in Springville, Spanish Fork and Provo have met with the producer and special-effects technicians to discuss the potential dangers. Fire crews will be present during the filming of the action scenes.

The production company will pay for the firefighters' time, Deputy Provo Fire Chief Mike Bledsoe said.

Shooting in Eureka will include scenes inside and outside the sheriff's office and outside the grocery store. Corn fields, barns and lakes will be used as shooting locations in the rest of the county.