A school bus security camera recorded middle school boys groping girls and engaging in simulated sex that apparently went unheeded by the bus driver.

Seven students, ages 12 to 15, from Forest Oak Middle School were suspended for their actions on Sept. 15 recorded on videotape. Four of those are being investigated for possible indecency, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Tuesday."These kids are out of control," police Sgt. Jeff Valmores said. "One of these little girls says every day this goes on."

The video also shows one boy being struck by a rock and appearing to be in pain as other children lie face down in the aisle and seats to avoid getting hit by flying debris. Several punches also are thrown.

A school liaison police officer watched the video and identified the seven suspects. The officer also identified three victims, ages 12 and 13.

Valmores said that when the boys were confronted, they denied doing anything. When they and their parents were shown the video, they said nothing, he said.

The bus driver, Cynthia Fowler, complained only after some of the children hurled rocks and football-size chunks of dirt and grass into the vehicle at a bus stop, Valmores said. Fowler, a driver with the school district since late 1996, has been suspended with pay pending an investigation.