Road rage was apparently the cause of a bizarre car chase and assault in West Jordan Monday afternoon.

About 4:30 p.m. Monday, a car apparently cut in front of another car at the I-15 off-ramp at 9000 South, leading to an exchange of angry words and gestures, said West Jordan Police Sgt. Mike Munnelley.After being cut off, the victims began following the suspects to 1300 W. 9000 South. The chase continued to about 10400 South and 1500 West, where the victims told police one of the two suspects in the car brandished a handgun.

The three victims continued following the suspects to about 9500 South Redwood Road, Munnelley said. There, the suspects pulled over to the side of the road, where one suspect rushed at the victims' vehicle with a baseball bat. The victims told police they kept going, and were briefly chased on foot by the bat-wielding suspect. Unable to catch the victims' car, the suspect jumped back into his car, and the chase resumed, Mun-nel-ley said.

The incident came to a head at Albertson's, 1653 W. 9000 South, where one of the suspects smashed a window of the victims' car with the baseball bat. One of the victims then left the car and ran toward the store. He was struck by a second suspect, who was driving the vehicle.

The victim received minor injuries and managed to wrestle the bat away from the first suspect and hit him with it. At about the same time, another victim was struck in the back with a golf club by the second suspect, Munnelley said.

Both suspects, described as white males in their early 20's, fled the scene and are still at large, Munnelley said. The victims were both treated and released at the scene.

"That was road rage, to the `T' " Munnelley said.