A 19-year-old woman changing a flat tire on I-15 between American Fork and Lehi was raped by two men just after midnight Monday.

The woman was traveling north on I-15 when her tire went flat, said Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Verdi White II. She pulled over, put on a spare and had all but three lugnuts fastened when a vehicle pulled in behind her and stopped, he said.Two men, believed to be in their late 20s, approached the woman, one forcing her into the back seat at knife-point while the other pretended to be fixing the flat tire.

Both men assaulted the woman, White said.

After the men left, the woman drove herself to a Riverton convenience store, where a clerk helped her contact police. She was later taken to a local hospital, White said.

Police were not releasing descriptions of the suspects or their vehicle Tuesday morning, but White said UHP investigators were "working on some leads."