Grapes revisited!

Have you ever been reading the mail and something leaps out and grabs you?Today was that day. And the experience inspired me to unveil the first Aunt Edna Award. The statue - a rubber chicken - is given in honor of a wise old Aunt who raised dancing chickens on the grounds of Lagoon.

Ridiculous, you say? The press release that triggered my reaction is ideal for the coveted poultry piece.

It's all about Plasti-Kote, a magical spray that transforms mere fruit into pearls of decor.

AND you don't have to fill those messy grape molds with red hot plastic; and no more driftwood hunting!

Here it is . . . enjoy.

"A bright, shiny apple has its appeal. An iridescent apple is [in] shades of pearlized Pink Champagne is an appealing sight to behold. Surrounded by pears, bananas, oranges and grapes in softly glowing shades of pearl, the apple becomes part of a unique and dramatic centerpiece. It will be the talk of the table.

Fruits undergo an amazing transformation when they're covered with Classic Pearls Spray Paint. The textures are still apparent; the apple's surface remains smooth, the orange retains its dimples, the peach its density. Yet each distinctive shape and texture is enhanced as it shimmers softly under the coating of iridescent spray paint . . . "

"Fruits alone can serve as the centerpiece, or they can be accessorized by leaves or vines or cuttings from the garden. Look outdoors and see the entire landscape as a decorative resource. Classic Pearls spray will adhere to most any surface, and the beauty of an aerosol is that it gets into every twist and turn."

"Spray painting the fruit is easy to do. Wash the fruit and dry each piece thoroughly. Follow the directions on the can for proper ventilation. Put LOTS of newspaper to catch the overspray. Position the fruit - stab it with a floral pick and fix it in place. Hold the spray 8-10 inches from the fruit and spray gently. Use short, controlled bursts. (The fruit doesn't have to be covered in one continuous swoosh!) . . . "

"Spray-painted fresh fruit will last several days, and its transience becomes part of its beauty. (Artificial fruit can be used for a permanent display, of course.) It's also an excuse to create another one."

For information on the Classic Pearls colors, contact Literature Department, PlastiKote, P.O. Box 708, Medina, OH. Or call 1-800-431-5928.