IRONICALLY, AT THE same time Judge Judy was on the tube Tuesday, principals and football coaches from Northridge and Skyline met at Viewmont in hopes of settling an incident that happened after Friday's game.

To briefly sum it up, some tempers flared, rude words were exchanged, a sprinkler was turned on and a couple of swings were allegedly thrown by a coach and a fan as visiting Northridge celebrated its 27-24 overtime win at Skyline.Not surprisingly, both sides have their versions of what actually happened.

According to Northridge coach Fred Fernandes, after a short and spontaneous celebration, he and his elated Knights went to shake hands with Skyline players and coaches when Eagle assistant Steve Marshall started to yell.

Said Fernandes: "(Marshall) screams at me to `Get the (bleep) out of here, because we're not shaking their hands.' "

Fernandes admits that he sent a few verbal jabs back at Marshall, but at one point during the altercation he said Marshall charged him and had to be restrained. His assistants say Marshall threw a punch.

Skyline coach Roger DuPaix was not involved, but it's his understanding that nobody but an elderly Northridge fan took a swing.

"We don't run that kind of program," DuPaix added. "We try to be gracious winners as well as gracious losers."

DuPaix believes the whole situation came about when Fernandes overheard Marshall trying to herd the Eagles into the locker room.

"It was an emotional game," DuPaix said. "Things were said that people probably wish they hadn't said. . . . Nothing happened but trading insults."

However, DuPaix thinks the Knights celebrated longer than they were supposed to.

"I can't blame them," he said. "But it got a little bit out of hand."

Fernandes respectfully disagrees, and he said nothing would have happened if Marshall hadn't verbally attacked him first.

"The Skyline kids were as good as gold," he said. "They waited out there for the celebration to end, and then the teams started shaking hands when Marshall started popping off."

Skyline coaches were miffed that Northridge's final touchdown was allowed. They felt one of the Knights set an illegal pick, allowing Brian Arnold to be wide open for a TD pass.

"We were upset about that," DuPaix said.

But Fernandes said his player was just trying to get around the Skyline linebacker.

Skyline was also upset about a banner Northridge students unfurled after the game. Signs are not allowed at games as per UHSAA policy.

Adding to the contention on the rainy night, a Skyline grounds' crew member turned on a sprinkler, in part to get everybody off the field. DuPaix said that this game coincidentally ended in the northern part of the field, and that's where he normally turns on the water after each contest.

Then again, he might've just been trying to cool everyone off.

LOST AND FOUND RESPECT: The Timpview Thunderbirds were probably wondering what else they could possibly accomplish to get a little recognition. They were undefeated in Region 6 and winning convincingly, yet finding the T-Birds in the 4A rankings was impossible.

Not anymore.

A pair of wins last week, coupled with losses by Nos. 3, 4 and 5, and suddenly Timpview is checking in at third.

The T-Birds and Utah County have been looking to redeem themselves after all five Region 6 teams lost on the first day of the state tournament in 1997.

Led by Kelly Hunsberger, arguably one of the top five players in Utah, respect could be just around the corner for Timpview.

PLAY BALL! The 1A single-elimination fall baseball quarterfinals begin today, with defending champion Piute traveling to Region 14 champion Wendover.

Other matchups include: Intermountain Christian at Region 15 champion Panguitch; Tintic vs. Tabiona (at Hillcrest Union Park, 4 p.m.); and Valley at Region 16 champ Green River.

Semifinals and finals are scheduled for Friday (11 a.m./1:30 p.m.) and Saturday (1 p.m.) at Utah Valley State College.