Participants at the Newspapers in Education teacher workshop tour Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden on Saturday. Nearly 50 teachers learned all about the park and its inhabitants - such as the models of a stegosaurus, in the foreground, and styracosaurus - on the tour. They were also given a lecture by the park's education coordinator, Richard McKenzie, in the park's education building. Participants received recertification/lane change credit for workshop attendance. But they also will return to their classrooms armed with new activities and strategies for their lessons. After leaving the park, teachers were bused to the Children's Treehouse Museum and the Ogden Nature Center for other hands-on learning activities. The next NIE educational section that will accompany teacher-ordered copies of the Deseret News - which will go to schoolchildren all over the state Oct. 13 - is titled "I Love Dinosaurs!" It will be an eight-page pullout section with dinosaur facts, statistics and activities. For more information about ordering, please call 237-2172. Orders must be placed by Wednesday, Oct. 7, to be delivered at schools Tuesday, Oct. 13.