Mark McGwire had people lining up at a suburban Detroit service station again. This time, it cost them a little more.

Three weeks after selling gasoline for 62.9 cents a gallon to commemorate McGwire's breaking Roger Maris' home run record, Bradley Morton of Morton's Birmingham Sunoco cut his gasoline prices Monday to 70.9 cents a gallon to commemorate McGwire's final home run total."There was so much response from the first time that I decided to do it again," said Morton, who was featured in numerous media reports following the original sale Sept. 9.

That sale lasted about six hours before police asked him to stop because it was backing up traffic. Morton originally planned to run Monday's sale for 70 minutes but decided to let it run about 2 1/2 hours.

"I'm not a huge baseball fan at all. I did 62 cents on a whim," he said.