Middle linebacker Rob Morris, all 6-foot-2, 250 pounds of him, has a message for BYU fans - especially those who voiced their displeasure toward starting quarterback Kevin Feterik during Saturday's 43-9 victory over Murray State.

"We want (you) to come, but the people who boo stay home," Morris said. "We don't want you. Don't come to our games any more if you're going to boo."Feterik and BYU's offense got off to a slow start against the Division I-AA Racers. The Cougars' first offensive series resulted in three plays and a loss of 14 yards before the ball was punted away. The jeers turned to cheers, however, when back-up Drew Miller entered the game in the second quarter with BYU clinging to a 7-0 lead.

Lineman John Tait said it's unfair to target Feterik for the Cougars' offensive woes this season.

"It's going to be real easy for the fans and everybody like that to jump on Kevin and say he's not the guy and Miller is or something like that, but we have confidence in all of our quarterbacks," Tait said. "We have confidence in the guys that come in and play. It's an offensive problem, not a one-guy thing. We've got to work it out."

And that includes improved play from the offensive line and receiving corps. All came together against Murray State as the Cougars threw for more than 200 yards after missing the mark in five straight outings.

No one was celebrating, however. Most were upset with how Feterik was treated by the Cougar Stadium crowd.

Wide receiver Margin Hooks called it terrible.

"I'd think our fans would be more classy than that," Hooks said. "But (Kevin) kept his head up and played pretty well."

Feterik, who declined to speak with the media after the game, finished with 141 yards on 8 of 13 passing. Miller was 12 of 19 for 172 yards. Each threw for one touchdown and was intercepted once.

"We're really equal. We both do different things very well. I don't really see much of a difference," said Miller. "The biggest thing is that we've both got to be able to move the chains, move the team down the football field and get points. We were able to do that today."

BYU coach LaVell Edwards was so pleased with the two-quarterback approach, he plans to use both Feterik and Miller - some how, some way - throughout WAC play. The Cougars get started Saturday at Fresno State.

GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS: First the bad. Alabama and Washington, the two teams to defeat BYU (2-2) this season, lost by a combined score of 97-13 Saturday. Arkansas pounded the Crimson Tide, while Nebraska husked the Huskies. As for the good news, BYU's remaining opponents (Fresno State, UNLV, Hawaii, San Diego State, UTEP, San Jose State, New Mexico and Utah) currently have a combined record of 7-21.

WHATEVER IT TAKES: Don't look now, but here comes Brandon Doman. The former 5A all-stater from Skyline High thought for a brief time last week that he might move up the depth chart to backup quarterback if Miller did indeed decide to leave school.

That didn't happen, but Doman, a freshman in eligibility, received his chance to play in a competitive game for the first time since high school, which was four years ago. He lined up at receiver and caught Miller's first pass attempt, a 7-yard reception. Later, in the game's final minutes, he led BYU on its final scoring drive. He's yet to throw his first collegiate pass.

By using him, the Cougars burned what could have been Doman's redshirt season. But he doesn't mind. He's been begging coaches to play him at any position. "I'll kick it if I can," he said.