Alta View Hospital-

ALLDREDGE, Fiona and Bryan, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 25.

BENNETT, Angela and Christopher, Sandy, boy, Sept. 24.

CROWTHER, Angie and Robert, Sandy, boy, Sept. 25.

DRAPER, Diana and Dan, South Jordan, girl, Sept. 23.

JAMES, Laura, girl, Sept. 23.

KILBOURNE, Melanie and Patrick, Sandy, boy, Sept. 24.

NAYLOR, Jennifer and Jeffery, Midvale, girl, Sept. 24.

SESSIONS, Honi, and THOMPSON, David, Riverton, boy, Sept. 23.

ZAGARICH, AnnaMarie and Danny, Sandy, girl, Sept. 24.

Columbia Ogden

Regional Medical Center-

ABEYTA, Nicole and Jacob, Clearfield, girl, Sept. 15.

ANDERSON, Yvette and Brent, Ogden, girl, Sept. 14.

BELL, Wendi and Michael, Ogden, boy, Sept. 12.

CEDERLOF, Sydney and Chad, Pleasant View, boy, Sept. 14.

COWLEY, Kamila and Paul, Roy, boy, Sept. 10.

FELTNER, Kim and Scott, Ogden, boy, Sept. 10.

GIBSON, Eryn and Stanley, Ogden, boy, Sept. 16.

GOLDER, Michele and Wayne, Layton, girl, Sept. 14.

GREEN, Heather and Gilbert, Ogden, girl, Sept. 12.

JENSEN, Ronda and Michael, Syracuse, boy, Sept. 10.

JENSEN, Susan and Kirk, Kaysville, girl, Sept. 11.

KENNY, Jamie and Tim, Riverdale, girl, Sept. 14.

KLENK, Kista, and CHESNUT, Kenneth, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 12.

LARSON, Emeral and Aaron, Washington Terrace, boy, Sept. 16.

MASTRONARDI, Mindee, and ELMORE, Christopher, Ogden, boy, Sept. 7.

MOORE, Leann and Jeffrey, Ogden, boy, Sept. 11.

MURRAY, Kristy and Christian, Pleasant View, girl, Sept. 12.

PENCE, Ramona and Tim, Brigham City, girl, Sept. 15.

PEREZ, Hilary and Eduardo, Ogden, boy, Sept. 11.

PERKINS, Rebecca and Christian, Ogden, boy, Sept. 10.

PINEDA, Guadalupe and Hector, Ogden, boy, Sept. 15.

ROSE, Buffie and Jeremiah, Ogden, girl, Sept. 15.

SCHNEIDER, Pamela and Jeffrey, Ogden, girl, Sept. 10.

SEXTON, Sherie and David, Harrisville, boy, Sept. 11.

SNOKE, Paula and Hubert, South Ogden, girl, Sept. 7.

STEPHENS, Michelle and Shane, Morgan, girl, Sept. 10.

SUMMERS, Jennifer and Steven, Layton, girl, Sept. 14.

THIERRY, Lanette and David, Ogden, girl, Sept. 11.

VOLLMER, DeeAnn and Russell, Logan, girl, Sept. 16.

Columbia Timpanogos

Regional Hospital-

BIRCH, Andrea and Mark, Provo, Sept. 10

BURNINGHAM, Jamie and Brett, Orem, girl, Sept. 12

CAMPBELL, Jennie and Daniel, Provo, girl, Sept. 8

CENISEROS, Dolores, and BLAS, Emilio, Provo, Sept. 9

CHANTHARATH, Soutsada and Kenchay, Orem, girl, Sept. 10

FANO, Lara and David, American Fork, girl, Sept. 12

FORAN, Kara and Sean, Spanish Fork, boy, Sept. 10

FUNK, Kaye and Rex, Orem, boy, Sept. 9

HALCROW, Tamsen and Brandon, Payson, girl, Sept. 8

HALL, Juliette and Kirk, Alpine, girl, Sept. 11

HARLINE, Christine and Shawn, Provo, boy, Sept. 8

HIRST, Jenna and Nathan, Pleasant Grove, girl, Sept. 12

MARTINEZ, Sandra and Roger, Heber City, Sept. 14

RASMUSSEN, Wendy and Ronald, American Fork, girl, Sept. 11

TOLBERT, Melinda and Jason, Orem, boy, Sept. 12

YOUNG, Marilyn and Scott, American Fork, boy, Sept. 10

Cottonwood Hospital-

ANGERHOFER, Elaine and David, Draper, boy, Sept. 24.

BAGSHAW, Laura, and BOOTH, Jim, Bountiful, girl, Sept. 23.

BODENHOFER, Bambilynne, and CLEMENS, Aaron, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 24.

BOYDEN, Marc and Catherine, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 24.

CASTILLO, Yamaris, and CHEN, Ping, Midvale, boy, Sept. 24.

CHRISTENSEN, Tina and Scott, Sandy, boy, Sept. 23.

CLARK, Mary and Robert, Draper, girl, Sept. 23.

COOPER, Monica and Douglas, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 23.

DEEM, Karlenna and Richard, Sandy, girl, Sept. 23.

EVERILL, Amanda and Randy, Sandy, girl, Sept. 23.

FRITZ, Amy and Christopher, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 24.

GLOVER, Terry, West Valley City, boy, Sept. 24.

GODDARD, Carrie and Timothy, Midvale, boy, Sept. 23.

HAWKINS, Katherine and Gregory, Riverton, boy, Sept. 24.

JEFFS, Amkha and Milton, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 24.

KOCHEVAR, Kristie and Scott, Riverton, boy, Sept. 24.

KUCHN, Stephanie and Karl, Orem, boy, Sept. 23.

McPEAK, Tonia and Kenneth, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 24.

MORRIS, Kimberly and Matthew, Sandy, boy, Sept. 24.

NEFF, Debra and David, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 23.

PRATT, Megan and Kenneth, West Jordan, girl, Sept. 24.

SCHOFIELD, Kelly and Scott, Park City, boy, Sept. 24.

SEELERT, Karen and Perry, Sandy, boy, Sept. 23.

SORENSEN, Misty, and JONES, Matthew, West Valley City, girl, Sept. 24.

VIGIL, Falisha, and BURGENER, Jeff, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 24.

WATKINS, Mandy and Joshua, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 23.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

BROWN, Dawn and Bill, boy, Sept. 14.

BURNINGHAM, Jennifer and Dan, girl, Sept. 17.

CASTLETON, Jamie and Burke, boy, Sept. 11.

ORUM, Carrie and Billy, girl, Sept. 19.

SINATRA, Jennifer and Angelo, girl, Sept. 20.

TOPHAM, Michelle and Kendall, boy, Sept. 16.

LDS Hospital-

BILLINGS, Wendy and Daniel, Provo, boy, Sept. 24.

BURKHOLTZ, Sara and Jon, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 24.

ENGLAND, Angela and Kevin, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 24.

GUTIERREZ, Dora and Antonio, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 24.

JACOX, Merrit and Brent, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 24.

LARSEN, Amelia and David, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 24.

MARTINES, Colleen and Michael, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 24.

McCOMAS, Jessica and Carson, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 24.

RODINGER, Zekija and Carl, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 24.

SALT, Moeata and Visesio, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 24.

WILLIAMS, Sjana and Justin, Woods Cross, boy, Sept. 24.

YAZZIE, Lynnea, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 24.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

DAHLE, Anjanette and Shaun, West Point, girl, Sept. 23.

GREEN, April and Gary, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 23.

MOSHER, Dora and Chad, Ogden, girl, Sept. 22.

PALMER, Angela, and BAMBROUGH, Mathew, Ogden, girl, Sept. 23.

TOLLER, Britney and Mathew, Ogden, boy, Sept. 23.

ZIMMER, Debra and Jim, Roy, boy, Sept. 23.

Orem Community Hospital-

BOURNE, Ruth and Dean, Orem, girl, Sept. 16.

COSGROVE, Brenda and Craig, Orem, boy, Sept. 17.

DILDINE, Jennifer and Michael, Provo, boy, Sept. 16.

DITTY, Rebecca and Bryan, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 16.

EVES, Michelle and Jeffrey, Orem, boy, Sept. 16.

GORDON, Deanna and Wesley, Orem, girl, Sept. 16.

HELLEWELL, Yolanda and Bret, Orem, boy, Sept. 17.

HUMPHREY, Diane and Charles, Springville, girl, Sept. 18.

LASLEY, Courtney, and SWENSON, Todd, Pleasant Grove, boy, Sept. 18.

NIELSEN, Ivelisse and Kyle, Orem, girl, Sept. 18.

RANDALL, Danielle and Jeffrey, Lehi, girl, Sept. 17.

SIMPSON, Hayley and Bryan, Pleasant Grove, girl, Sept. 15.

THIGPEN, Rachelle and Perry, Provo, girl, Sept. 18.

WRIGHT, Kimberly and George III, Orem, girl, Sept. 16.

Salt Lake

Regional Medical Center-

ADAM, Melissa and Ryan, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 20.

BRIGHT, April and Matthew, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 22.

DALE, Enga and Robert, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 20.

GONCE, Susan and Earnest, South Salt Lake, boy, Sept. 22.

HUBER, Lori and John, Magna, girl, Sept. 21.

MARTINEZ, Maxine, and CHAVEZ, Richard, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 22.

POPHAM, Stephanie and John, Sandy, girl, Sept. 20.

RAY, Candy and Jaremy, Riverton, girl, Sept. 21.