We have to put partisan politics aside concerning President Clinton.

Harry Truman said the most important duty of the president is to lead.President Clinton has lost that ability. Two illustrations serve: No Democratic candidates want him to appear and speak for them, and now the Republicans don't want him to resign because the longer the scandal rages, the better their chances of a sweep in the next general election, while the Democrats want him out now so they can rehabilitate. All partisan on both sides.

The country and the world are too important. Truman was right, and we can't wait 16 months for leadership. We need it every day in every way.

No one has faulted President Clinton's patriotism. The last, best, thing he can do for his country is to serve it one more time by an immediate resignation. This step serves him, too. President Richard M. Nixon resigned with dignity, he was given immunity by his successor, America's business went on again, and then later he returned to become a valued adviser. Only by taking his medicine like a man can President Clinton have any future.

Sam King

Salt Lake City