Bill Clinton's so-called "private life" does not legitimately extend into the Oval Office, as ludicrously advanced by his legal counsel. It is not a family room, a recreation room, a bedroom or a playground. The Oval Office is just that, an office where the work of the president is performed. It is the one place that most represents the president of the United States acting in his official capacity.

President Clinton's immoral actions in the Oval Office were therefore committed in his capacity as president and are a disgrace to the office of president, to the United States as a nation and to the American people individually.A president of true character and integrity would see and acknowledge such immoral actions for what they are, and that a president who commits such actions is morally unfit for the presidency; he would immediately resign as part of a courageous, contrite and sincere apology for having violated the office of the president in such a destructive manner.

Sadly, one of the characteristics of sexual addiction is, first and foremost, denial. A conscience so long denied, overridden, trampled and abused will probably be very difficult to hear.

Richard C. Shipp