While driving home last week near Bountiful, I was passed at a high rate of speed. Now there is nothing unusual about that, except that the car was an official Salt Lake squad car with an officially uniformed police officer behind the wheel. This is not the first time that I have observed speeding by police in squad cars, yet not in their jurisdiction.

As the taillights and horizon rapidly became a small dot, I wondered how many citations or arrest this sworn officer of the law had made during her official duties that day. I'm sure the otherwise law-abiding citizens had good excuses for bending or breaking the law.Then I thought I would give it the Clinton test. Who hasn't sped and then lied about it when caught? It's just speeding, and everybody does it; where's the harm? And after all, even police officers have private lives, even if they are in government-provided cars, in full uniform.

To quote Rep. James A. Traficant Jr., D-Ohio, "Joe Q. Citizen can't apologize. Joe Q. Citizen isn't censured. Joe Q. Citizen is prosecuted. An America with two legal standards is an America with no legal standards." To paraphrase Bill and Al, "It's the law, stupid."

Kevin McDonald