A settlement in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case would be a tacit admission by President Clinton of guilt, Jones' lawyers say. The White House says Clinton only wants to put the case behind him and is not conceding that he acted improperly.

Legal sources say Jones' Dallas-based legal team has made a take-it-or-leave-it offer of $1 million to settle the case.Lawyers appearing on Sunday news programs wouldn't confirm that figure, but they did say they were asking for a substantial amount.

The lawyers also said they were dropping an earlier demand that Clinton apologize for an unwanted sexual advance that the lawsuit alleges he made on Jones in 1991, when he was governor of Arkansas.

"If he settles for a substantial amount, that has to be reflected in that he is truly admitting that he has done something wrong here and that's the way we interpret it," Jones attorney David Pyke said on NBC's "Meet the Press."