The Chadron State College football team made its biggest tackle Saturday long after beating Mesa State College 42-0.

Several players and assistant coaches jumped out of their school van at an intersection to stop a motorist who had been driving his pickup truck erratically."There was no doubt that he was drunk," said Don Watt, Chadron State athletic director. "He couldn't even stand up."

The team was leaving Grand Junction, Colo., when a school van following the team bus warned the driver via walkie-talkie that a pickup truck behind them was swerving.

The bus and other team vehicles pulled in the right lane of I-70 to let the pickup pass. As it did, the truck swerved and sped up to 80 mph, Watt said.

The truck finally slowed down, but no one dared to pass it. A student athletic trainer warned other motorists by making a sign with notebook paper that read: "Drunken Driver Ahead!"

When the truck stopped at an intersection about 50 miles later, team members jumped out and pulled the driver out of his truck. Police arrested the man 5 minutes later.