Roswitha Augusta has always loved turtles.

So when she failed in a recent effort to rescue one that she spotted inching across the Dulles Greenway in suburban Virginia, she was crushed. So was the turtle.Vowing to help others of their kind, Augusta shelled out about $3,000 for four signs, complete with a sketch of a turtle with beads of sweat coming from its brow. The signs are being posted on the 14-mile roadway between Leesburg and Dulles International Airport asking drivers to "Give Them a Brake."

The first yellow sign went up Thursday, and Greenway officials said they expect to install the remaining three in the next week.

Augusta, who kept several turtles as pets when she was a child, said she hopes the idea catches on and the signs are installed on other roads.

"I'm really concerned about all of nature," Augusta said. "I hope people will be more aware of all the small critters of the world."