Attorney General Janet Reno returned to work Monday after an overnight hospital stay following her second fainting spell in a year. She said she's going to try to take a vacation but wouldn't say when.

"What I really want to do is go home and sit on my front porch" in Miami, Reno told reporters in a brief appearance in the Justice Department press room.Reno has not had a vacation this year. Aides said she had one last year, which they believed was only the second since she took office in 1993. Living alone several blocks from the Justice Department, Reno usually works six or seven days a week, arriving before 8 a.m. and rarely leaving before 7:30 p.m.

Her doctors told her the brief fainting at a Sunday church service might have resulted from dehydration or stress. Reno noted that she was drenched after a hike along the Potomac on Saturday afternoon. "It was hotter than I thought," she said. "And I had not had much liquid when I got back."

She also said her doctors here and in Miami were going to take another look at whether medication she takes for a mild form of Parkinson's disease, which causes her left hand to shake, might be a factor in the two fainting episodes. "They rejected that in the past, but they are going to look at that again to see whether that had anything to do with it," Reno said.

Paul Donovan, a spokesman for Georgetown University Medical Center, said Reno's doctor had pronounced her "100 percent fit for duty."

Dr. Edward Gwozdz called her vital signs "fabulous" and said she was "unquestionably in good condition."