Anyone looking for a dogfight between two candidates attempting to replace the most powerful woman in the Utah Legislature should probably check out a World War II history book.

There's not likely to be much spitfire between Democrat George F. Tripp and Republican David N. Cox in House District 56. The pair see each other every Sunday. They're in the same LDS Church ward in Lehi. In fact, they recently worked together in priesthood leadership positions.And if that's not enough, Tripp was Cox's bishop while he was growing up.

"Where did I go wrong?" Tripp, 72, asks with a laugh. "No, Dave's a good boy."

Cox, 44, also expressed admiration for Tripp. "I think the world of him," he said.

"I think it will be a campaign between two gentlemen," said Utah County Republican Party Chairman Rod Fudge. "It won't get into a kicking contest."

Whoever wins the Nov. 3 election will have big shoes to fill. Christine Fox-Finlinson, who resigned after getting married and moving out of the area, had served in the Legislature since 1987 and was the House majority leader. Independent American Party candidate Sheila E. Heindel will also be on the ballot.