Waistlines aren't the only thing that will be reduced at the city's new $13.3 million fitness center. City officials also are working to trim down the proposed fee schedule.

City Manager John Patterson said last week the staff has been cinching in its collective belt to come up with a fee structure that will be competitive with the Oquirrh Park Fitness Center.Earlier in the year, a consultant hired to help design the new fitness center had suggested a $400 per year family membership.

But by the Sept. 10 hearing on raising taxes to pay for the center, that figure had been trimmed back to $320 a year.

The new fee structure now being touted by Patterson would slash the family fee by another $110, to $210 a year for a family of six.

Other reduced fees would include $120 a year for adults, down from $175; $90 a year for youths, down from $135; and $70 a year for seniors, down from $110.

Tentative daily entrance fees would be $3 for adults, $2 for seniors and $2.50 for children 4 to 11.

The city manager noted that while Oquirrh Park's fee structure is still lower than his proposal, the special service district taxes that support the Kearns center are substantially higher than the West Valley City tax levied to build the new complex.

West Valley residents will be taxed $3 per month on a $120,000 home and $6 per month on a $240,000 home.

When you calculate both taxes and fees, Patterson added, the cost of using the West Valley and Oquirrh Park centers should be fairly comparable.

Patterson said he will clean up the fee proposal and bring it back to the council in October.