A stunt show here over the weekend came to an abrupt end just moments after it began when a motorcycle performer crashed into a support post.

Tom Pearson of Las Vegas suffered serious, but not life threatening injuries following the crash on Saturday, according to a nursing supervisor at Dixie Regional Medical Center.Pearson, performing in the "Death Defying Stunt Show" at the Dixie Sun Bowl, planned to ride a motorcycle through eight flaming wooden walls, but by the third wall, he lost control and struck a 2-by-4-inch support pole.

The sudden impact ripped off Pearson's helmet and threw him from his motorcycle. Witnesses said Pearson also was engulfed in flames when he landed next to a line of cars. Flame retardant chemicals and a fire suit prevented Pearson from being burned.

Pearson was knocked unconscious for about a minute, said road manager Miguel Cheney. He also lost a tooth and sustained a gash to his head.

The show was called off after Pearson was injured. The show's promoter, Gina LeBlanc, of the Morris Drake Agency, said she had not decided whether audience members would receive a refund.