Police are waiting for the results of a urine test before they finish the investigation into an alleged rape involving a University of Utah fraternity.

A lab is testing the urine of the victim to see if she was given any "date-rape" drugs, Salt Lake Police Sgt. Kyle Jones said. He didn't know when the test will be done. Sex with a woman unable to consent is a crime.Jones said a member of the U.'s Kappa Sigma fraternity admitted Wednesday that he had sex with the 18-year-old woman. The man, also a student at the U., says the encounter was consensual. Attorney Walter Budgen is representing him against possible legal action.

But the woman gave a different story, police said. While attending a party at the off-campus fraternity, the woman says she blacked out and woke up the next morning in somebody else's clothing.

Police said the fraternity didn't cooperate much with police in the beginning of the investigation, but the members are starting to talk three weeks later. "People just hoped it would go away," Jones said.

Officers haven't made any arrests and investigators will turn over their findings to the district attorney's office.