Attorney General Janet Reno was released from a hospital and returned to work Monday after an overnight stay following her second fainting spell in a year.

Paul Donovan, a spokesman for Georgetown University Medical Center, said Reno's doctor had pronounced her "100 percent fit for duty."Dr. Edward Gwozdz, an associate of Reno's personal physician, called her vital signs "fabulous" and said she was "unquestionably in good condition."

The 60-year-old attorney general fainted briefly during a church service Sunday and was held overnight at Georgetown for observation. Gwozdz said that in his experience more people faint in churches and on elevators than anywhere else.

She canceled a trip to New York today where she had planned to tour a school and give a speech.

"This is just a fainting spell. Her condition is good," Paul Katz, the medical center's chief operating officer, said Sunday afternoon. He said she was in good spirits and joking. He said her heart rhythm, EKG, heart rate, respiration and blood pressure were good.

Reno read work materials and spoke with family members at the hospital.

She was disappointed that the hospital television did not receive cable, preventing her from watching some final games of the baseball regular season.

President Clinton spoke with Reno from Air Force One while flying from Los Angeles to San Antonio.