In regards to "Utahn blasts Hatch bill that would overhaul U.S. patent system - Issue pitting big firms against small inventors," I strongly urge people to closely listen to what Cordell Lundahl has to say about S507.

Sen. Hatch has been seriously misled by the proponents of this bill. Hatch is aiding and abetting those companies who would undermine our economic system for their own short-term benefit.The bill would make patents worthless for all but the biggest companies. The membership list of the 21st Century Patent Coalition - proponents of the bill - reads like a Who's Who of the worst predators on America's inventors and the businesses those inventors start. S507 will allow predatory large companies to export American inventions along with the jobs those inventions produce for their own profit.

Thousands of inventors like Cordell Lundahl create jobs and prosperity for their communities while the companies promoting S507 are the same companies who export jobs.

When they tell you that S507 is good for the American people, ask them why a few dozen Nobel laureates, most of them living National Inventors Hall of Fame inductees, and many thousands of America's top inventors have violently opposed this bill.

Ronald J. Riley

President, Professional Inventors Alliance

Washington, D.C.