I've never been much for baseball. It's too much like the "hurry up and wait game" I experienced in the Army. But I have gained new respect for the game this season as a result of the home run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.

Slugging those homers has got to take a lot of skill, concentration and effort - much like hitting home runs in the entrepreneurial game of business.Reminds me of some of the folks I talk to about their entrepreneurial dreams. Many think hitting business home runs is easy. But the fact is, getting into the Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame is tough.

When it comes right down to it, conceiving a business idea is the easiest ingredient to obtain in the recipe for entrepreneurial success.

To get to first base in the entrepreneurial game, you also need a management team with some core competencies. While one can have a hit as a team of one, studies show there is greater strength in launching new businesses when several individuals work together.

Getting to second base is another issue. While some manage to steal the base, most of the time you're not going to get there without carefully following your strategic plan.

You've got to pay attention to your business plan and to those basic business concepts that are in your control. If everyone in the organization isn't on the same page with regards to these basic fundamental decisions, your business will soon be out of the game.

But even if your idea is a great one that solves a pressing problem for a huge segment of the population at a price they can afford, and you have assembled a heavy hitting team around a sound business concept, you won't get to the big leagues unless you analyze at least one other vital factor. I call it the climate, which is a combination of all the outside factors that can increase the odds of your new venture making it all the way to the entrepreneurial World Series.

OK, so you're on third. The fans are screaming and on their feet. Things are looking fabulous. It's been a great run so far. Now comes perhaps the most challenging part of the game: implementation.

As the manager of the business venture, you need to plan, control and direct the activities to score in the biggest game of your life.

Being on third base heading for home is no time to shut down. Double your effort, keep focused and as you slide in to home with the winning run, you'll make it look easy.

Even though we both know that it isn't.