We were out of the country when the "episodes" of our president became public knowledge. I have to say that it was more knowledge than I wanted. I understand why the document had to be so graphic, but that does not make it more palatable. I am sure the president is sorry that he wanted a computer in every school knowing now what they pulled up on the Internet. I can understand that he was caught up in a relationship with a very young, immature woman. However, he also behaved in a very immature manner. His sexual behavior is not my concern, although it is my shame as well as the shame of the American people.

I feel that he has put himself up as a role model for the world and has let us all down. I understand that we, also, have put him up as a role model, and that was our mistake. However, we have a right to expect the president of the United States to be our role model as well as a role model for the entire world. He has let us all down, not by his sexual escapades, but by his lack of integrity. He did wrong, and as he said, "he sinned." I feel his only "repentance" and "regret" is that he was caught.If he will lie to protect himself in this instance, why should we believe him on other issues?

Please, Mr. Clinton, resign with some dignity for us, the American people, and pay the bill you incurred for us by not accepting your own responsibility.

Diane Frank