I am so fed up with all the media, the House, the Senate and everything concerning the president and his problems. My air waves, the newspapers and TV have been polluted for months. Now the Internet has this garbage on it for every child to see. I am ashamed of every person that voted to put this on the Internet. Common decency says this is the wrong thing to do. Has this country sunk that low?

I do not condone any man or woman committing adultery, but this has happened since time began, and, unfortunately, it will continue to happen. It makes me sad that our president did such a thing, but he is human like all the rest of us. We all have our faults, and not everyone admits his transgressions. It is a sad fact that other presidents have committed adultery while they were in the White House. Even adding "I will not commit adultery" to the oath of office will not prevent it from happening again.The Paula Jones suit should not have been allowed until the president was out of office. Jones needs to learn about the "well-placed kick." This incident happened when he was governor. Why not wait until after his presidency is over?

I do not like what the president did, but I hate what Ken Starr, the media, the House and Senate have done.

I would like to kick someone every time I see Sen. Hatch judging. He stood up for Republican Judge Clarence Thomas, who was most worthy of the "well-placed kick." I thought that man was lower than dirt, and I cannot bring myself to vote Republican again.

Lola J. Buffington