A home on the outskirts of Nairobi believed to have been rented by a suspect in the U.S. Embassy bombing was searched again by FBI agents, the home's new tenants said Saturday.

An American couple said FBI agents who had searched the house shortly after the Aug. 7 bombing that killed 248 people returned Thursday but were only allowed to check the yard and the exterior of the home.The couple refused to give their names or comment further about the house, saying they were trying to complete the move into their new home in peace.

The FBI office in Nairobi was not staffed Saturday and phone calls were not answered. No security guards, neighbors or household employees could be found Saturday to discuss the FBI visit.

The New York Times said Saturday that other residents in the development identified the previous tenant as Haroun Fazil, one of four charged with the murder of the 12 Americans who died in the blast.