We were delighted to read Mike Cannon's article on Sunday, Sept. 6.

This has been a concern of ours for some time. We have wondered what tourists must think of our state and the lack of rest stops.We also have commented on the people coming for the Olympics and how they will feel about our state's hospitality.

As we travel to other states (especially Idaho), we have been impressed with their facilities. They seem to care about the comfort of their travelers.

We know our legislators have their priorities, but we feel they could and should find the money to provide for additional rest stops.

We sometimes laugh and say maybe the answer could be blue "Porta Potties" along the highways or perhaps everyone needs to carry their own and then when they are far from a McDonald's, run out into the bushes.

Come on, those who run our state, let's move forward, not backward.

Harold and Hilda Thomas