House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Saturday retaliated for White House criticism of the Republican-led Congress by accusing President Clinton of not doing his job.

"This Congress is working to pass the legislation that is good for the American people even as the president crisscrosses the country failing to do his job as president by being campaigner-in-chief for the Democrats," Gingrich, R-Ga., said.His comments came one day after Clinton blasted Republicans for focusing on the Monica Lewinsky scandal instead of passing spending bills needed to fund government operations for the next fiscal year beginning in October. "The Republican majority in Congress has its priorities wrong - partisanship over progress, politics over people," Clinton said before leaving Washington Friday.

Gingrich sounded a reminder that he backed the president during a recent crisis overseas.

"I supported the president when he launched missiles against Afghanistan and Sudan," Gingrich said. "And when some people suggested it was a `wag-the-dog' effort to divert attention, I said immediately that day `that's not fair, that's not accurate,' " Gingrich told Reuters.

"But I want to serve notice today, attempting to shut down the government to divert attention, attempting to pick partisan fights at campaign fund-raisers when we're here working, that's just wrong," Gingrich said.