President Laurent Kabila returned to the Congolese capital Kinshasa on Friday and pledged to defeat Rwandan and Ugandan-backed rebels who are fighting to oust him.

State television reported that Kabila, who returned home after a two-day summit in Gabon's capital Libreville on the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, had won a major diplomatic victory there."One can start a war and (then) one will not be there at the end. They will be defeated and disappointed," he said of the rebels, who took up arms in the east on August 2.

In Gabon, Francophone Central African leaders and Angola, which sent troops to help Kabila, rallied behind him, offering him an outright condemnation of aggression against his country.

The final communique called for "the withdrawal of the foreign troops behind the aggression," a ceasefire, respect for the Congo's territorial integrity and the pursuit of the process of democratization undertaken by the government.

"They understand that the Congo is a victim of an aggression," Kabila said.