Sarah, 12, born on May 22, 1986, is an attractive girl with a quiet personality. Sarah likes to shop; it doesn't matter if it is groceries or clothes. She likes to help her mom in the kitchen. She also likes to travel, bowland swim. Sometimes she still likes to play with dolls and Barbies and enjoys playing beauty shop. Sarah enjoys going to church and Sunday School and is proud of qualifying for a state competition for learning Bible verses.

In the sixth grade, Sarah needed much one-on-one help with schoolwork, but she very much wants to learn. She has had to make up many of the basics that she missed in her early years. Although diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, she is doing better without medication. She still has difficulty staying on task.Sarah has been in five foster placements since August 1995. She is in individual and family therapy for issues of trust and attachment. Her social worker feels she does have the ability to bond but has a high level of fear and anxiety about relationships.

Shannon, 8, born on Oct. 10, 1989, looks younger than her years. Bubbly and pretty, she can interact with charm and personality. She shows affection indiscriminately. She can be a very kind, sensitive child, especially with younger children. Like her sister, she also enjoys playing with dolls and dressing up.

In her second-grade classroom, Shannon was observed as being bright and intelligent with an inquisitive mind. She has the ability to do well academically, but her oppositional behaviors get in the way of her learning process. Shannon likes to be the class clown.

Shannon also has been in five foster home placements. She suffered abuse and neglect in her birth home and she is attending therapy for attachment and oppositional defiant behaviors. She can be manipulative and sneaky and her relationships tend to be somewhat superficial.

Both girls need a family with an understanding of their struggles and that can give them the structure and guidance they need. Both two-parent and single-mother families are requested. Financial assistance for medical care, therapy, travel and adoption are available.