Nancy Capulet's new book, "Putting Your Heart Online" (Variable Symbols; $18.95), describes how Tom, a computer programmer, met Mary.

"Tom downloaded the profiles of all women in Northern California using Lynx. Then he ran a program that he wrote in a computer language called AWK, which prints out a summary of the profiles. . . . He could easily scan the summary and see which women meet his criteria."For each profile, there are 16 fields: match, handle, age, low-age-want, high-age-want, height, height-want, gates, score, keywords. The first field is either "y" for yes, "no" for no, or "m" for maybe. . . . The final number on a line is the score, which is a weighted sum of the values of the gates. . . . Tom is now happily involved in a relationship with Mary, one of the women he met online."