Do you want your child to get interested in photography? Now is the time to do it. With the introduction of some innovative cameras designed especially for kids, picture-taking is more appealing, fun and exciting for them than ever before.

Here's a look at several products that are creating excitement and developing a new picture-taking category, sometimes referred to as "Funtography."- Game Boy Camera. If your child is one of the 65 million kids with a Game Boy hand-held video game system, he can now use it as a black-and-white camera. All that's needed is a tiny Game Boy camera "eye" that fits on the camera and a Game Boy imaging cartridge. Special effects (including text, graphics and music) help with the Funtography. There's also a hand-held Game Boy printer that prints the images on fun stickers.

- Barbie Cam. Barbie, the extremely popular doll, is finally into photography. Not traditional photography, but digital photography. The Barbie Cam takes six low-resolution pictures that can be downloaded to a personal computer. The camera comes with a CD-ROM for making postcards and scrapbooks.

- Nickelodeon PhotoBlaster. Nickelodeon, the cable TV network, is popular with kids. Many who like to share things with their friends, will like this space-age-looking camera. At the touch of a button, the 35 mm camera takes four pocket-size, great-for-sharing shots per frame. The Nickelodeon PhotoBlaster has a built-in flash, which helps by "blasting" light when the available light level is low. The camera comes with a roll of Kodak film and a set of Kodak batteries.

- Sesame Street Cameras. Your child can turn his street into Sesame Street with these colorful, 110 and single-use cameras. The smiling faces of the television program's characters on the cameras add to the photo fun.

- Creature Cams. Creatures sometimes make kids smile. So will these Creature Cams: 35 mm cameras with colorful face plates, including spider, bear, monkey, cow, alligator and tiger. Flash and nonflash models are available.