In response to Beth Brown (Sept. 19): Who died and left you in charge? You want a thank you for your inconvenience or a thank you for your patience as a resident around the U. of U.? The construction of a new stadium put you out? Excuse me, but the U. of U. has been under construction since the day it was dedicated. I'm truly sorry you lost a view of Emigration Canyon as the sun rises. That could never be replaced.

You state that you will enjoy the (free) games and (free) shows. You bought property in a prime location. How can you ask for an apology or a thank you? Maybe you might find it interesting to live along the I-15 corridor, or have your home taken by the state for Bangerter Highway. 1300 East is a great place, stadium or not; you ought to get out of your rose garden and see what others have to put up with. I sympathize with your inconveniences, but for you to ask for an apology or a thank you? I feel like you should get in line, and I'll guarantee you you are not even in the top 10.Stewart Beaslin

Salt Lake City