This is in response to Bryan Norton's letter. I agree that the aim of welfare reform should keep mothers and their children together. It's a shame that job requirements force mothers to accept a government-mandated job. I think, instead, the government should aim at keeping families together and promote stronger, more closely knit family units. There needs to be some family values instilled in the minds of the American people. People need to take responsibility when they decide to have a family. They need to be committed to making things work out through thick and thin.

I think that our rapidly deteriorating society is largely due to children lacking the parental support that they so desperately need in order to function well in society. Parenting, when done right, gives a child a stronger foundation and a better opportunity at being successful in life. Like Bryan said, parents provide affections for their children that nobody else can duplicate. Parenting is the biggest, most important responsibility that a parent can have. Parents and children need to stick together so that society can stick together.Raleigh Cox