With the Thursday U.S. Conference of Mayors' summit on youth violence only half over, Boise Mayor Brent Coles pronounced himself "exhausted."

"She's really been working us," he said."She" was Salt Lake Mayor Deedee Corradini, who hosted the summit and is hosting the concomitant leadership meetings this weekend as president of the conference of mayors.

Alas, Coles' ordeal was far from over.

Early Friday, Corradini roused various mayors, students from Jackson and Highland elementary schools and athletes from USA Track & Field and the Salt Lake Track Club for a one-mile U.S. OlympiKids run beginning and ending at the City-County Building.

Corradini's two main issues as conference of mayors president are preventing youth violence and promoting youth fitness. This summer, she kicked off the OlympiKids fitness program, whereby schoolchildren keep track of how far they walk or run over the course of the year. She herself is an avid runner.

About 75 people participated in the run, though exactly how many mayors were able to overcome the mattress magnet and drag themselves to the 6:45 a.m. starting line was undetermined.

"A bunch of guys show up in shorts, you don't know who's a mayor and who isn't," mused Corradini spokesman Ken Connaughton.

There may, however, have been a way to tell. Over the course of their four-day gathering, the mayors were scheduled to munch three continental breakfasts and three catered lunches (including one with actor Robert Redford at his Sundance Resort), eat at the upscale Il Sansavino, Baci and Sundance Tree Room restaurants, and have a dinner/reception at City Hall, courtesy of Gastronomy.

In other words, look for those holding their stomachs and complaining of overindulgence.