In August our state lost five beautiful young girls who had locked themselves in the trunk of an automobile and evidently died from the heat. In September, a 2-year-old boy died from the same causes inside an automobile.

It is time to consider how to prevent similar occurrences. Multiple ideas have been proposed:-Provide an additional trunk remote control in the trunk of every automobile. Such a remote, to be effective, must be known to any child who may have reason to use it; thus it probably would "wind up" in the sand pile or other play location as the child demonstrates its function to his/her playmates.

-Locate a separate manual trunk release inside the trunk of every automobile. An adult who may find himself inside a locked trunk could probably find and operate such a device; a: small child probably not.

-Provide a means to lock the remote trunk release in the cab of the automobile. While this device is locked to prevent misuse by children, it is also of little use to the authorized driver of the automobile.

Even if the above proposed solutions were mandated by law, the life of the little 2-year-old boy would not have been spared - he died inside the car itself.

However, all is not lost. All automobiles come with a simple safety device that would have prevented the tragedies above. It's called a door lock.

Responsible drivers not only remove their keys from a car's ignition, they also lock all doors and close automobile windows.

Children should be taught that an automobile is not a toy nor a location for play activities.

Forest Hansen

Salt Lake City