After three hours of public discussion, the City Council on Sept. 16 tabled a proposal to create an RDA or redevelopment agency to rejuvenate the city's dormant downtown area.

Central to the proposed RDA project is the necessity of keeping a grocery store in the downtown area and securing a spot for the city's post office, said Mayor Gregory S. Bell.Downtown spots are being eyed for each project - the corner of State Street and 100 East for the post office and half of the block bordered by 100 North, Main and State streets for the grocery store.

But some neighbors were dismayed that their property had been declared as blighted and subsequently included in the RDA project area. Still others, whose property borders the proposed project area, were upset they were subject to the effects of redevelopment without benefiting from the RDA.

"I just moved in because I enjoyed the atmosphere," said Cameron Forbush whose property backs up to the proposed grocery store site. "I receive no improvements but I have to look at the back of a grocery store. Am I correct in understanding that I'm S.O.L.?"

But Zelda Tidwell, a 55-year resident of the area at issue, said she thinks the plan is a good option.

"I have wanted downtown Farmington improved for as long as I've lived here," Tidwell said. "I don't care what's in there as long as it's clean."

The council will again consider the RDA at its Oct. 7 meeting.