Mike Cannon's column of Sept. 6 was part of a letter to the editor that has turned over in my mind for many months and never got written.

I agree that Utah's "rest stops" are an embarrassment, both in quality and quantity. In fact, our highway "system" is an embarrassment. UDOT should be called on the carpet and be held accountable for malfeasance in office.I moved to Utah four years ago from northern California. Before that I vacationed in Utah for two or three weeks every summer beginning in 1967. I have always been disappointed by UDOT practices. Things are not always done in a sensible way on Utah's roads.

Over the years, I have used I-80 regularly to travel from California to Ohio. Without a doubt, I-80 in Utah is a weak sister to the other states' interstates.

This current construction fiasco that state government and UDOT have foisted upon us for the next three or four years is too much. Why don't we stop the insanity and save a few lives. The five truck pileup the other day caused by one of thousands of stupid, rude drivers who insist that they must travel 75 or 85 mph, regardless of conditions, is just another example of why UDOT should do something quickly.

My question is: Why not traffic control? Yes, even a stop light here and there at especially dangerous sections. And definitely a reasonable, consistent speed limit. (Is 45 mph too impractical? OK, make it 55 mph. But enforce it.) The Utah Highway Patrol is woefully understaffed, I know (that's another letter), but we need help out there.

Alan Ledyard