For Elvis, the potbellied pig who was overstaying his welcome at the Humane Society of Utah, life could not be sweeter. But it could be less fattening.

Gary and Thea Johnson of Summit County paid a $40 adoption fee, promised to care for the pig and claimed him as their own Wednesday.The 5-year-old Elvis will spend the rest of his days in a large hay barn on a 25-acre homestead near Echo.

"He really needs a diet," said Thea Johnson. She plans to feed him a cup of grain pellets a day and some low-calorie food waste.

Elvis, who carries 175 pounds of raw girth on short, stubby legs, did not leave the Humane Society easily.

He balked at stepping off a curb in the parking lot, and it took four people to lift and push him into the back of a pickup truck.

For the Johnsons, Elvis replaces Duchess, a potbellied pig who died of a heart attack at the mature age of 10.

"I love pigs," Thea Johnson said. "Pigs are my favorite. They all have their personalities."

The Johnsons also own horses, rabbits, chickens and four dogs.